Asking for Representation

What are reasons a member may ask for representation?

  • Plan of Assistance

  • Parent Complaint

  • Interview of employee

  • Non-renewal of contract

  • Corrective Action

  • Letter of Concern

  • Letter of Directive

  • Any item placed in personnel file that is negative and could lead to discipline

  • Anything else that can lead to discipline at a later date

Why have a union representative with me?

  • Another witness to process

  • Deescalate situation with employee or coworker

  • District and Association can work together to solve issues

  • It's the law

Who can be a representative?

  • A Building Rep

  • Association Executive Member

  • UniServ Consultant

  • Any person the member requests (depending on contract)

What if there isn't a representative present, or member representative request is denied?

  • Unfair Labor Practice

  • Discipline of educator will not be upheld (letter, reprimand, etc)

  • Member will be directed to listen, and not speak or respond

What can the representative do in the meeting?

  • to be informed about the subject matter of the meeting

  • to consult privately with the employee before the meeting

  • to speak and be proactive during the interview, as long as doing so does not interfere with, or disrupt, the meeting

  • to advise and counsel the employee

  • to provide additional information to the employer at the end of questioning

  • to bear witness to the proceedings, take notes, etc.