FROM:David Hanson, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

RE:Interplay of Family Medical Leave and PEL in Licensed CBA

You requested a clarification of the appropriate use of PEL and Family Medical Leave in light of the current collective bargaining agreement between the REA and Roseburg Public Schools.

After considerable research and deliberation, it has been determined that for a serious health condition of a qualifying family member, PEL may be used for an employee absence of up to two (2) days. If the employee must miss three (3) or more days of work, Family Medical Leave paperwork should be generated, and the absence shall be counted against that employee’s personal illness leave (sick leave) balance. These three (3) days do not need to be contiguous, but may be intermittent as long as the need for leave is for the same qualifying event. Employees always use accrued personal illness leave for their own illnesses whether they are OFLA/FMLA qualifying or not.

There has been no change in the practice of using OFLA “Sick Child” leave. Anytime a qualifying licensed employee must care for his or her child who is ill with a non-serious health condition, personal illness leave should be charged as OFLA “Sick Child” leave.

This solution seems to be reasonable and should not generate a burdensome amount of paperwork for employees or the district. The district has been diligent in simplifying the family medical leave paperwork to make it as straight forward as possible for staff, HR and care providers.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns. As always, we advise staff who have questions regarding family medical leave to contact Human Resources for clarification. These laws are complex and their application in light of our bargaining agreements is even more complex. I am confident that by working in concert, we can continue to assure that employees have access to the appropriate benefits