Congratulations to

Mrs. Laura Harvey!

CONGRATULATIONS to OEA's 2021 Noel Connell IPD Award winner, for excellence in leading and developing professional development for our educators.

Nomination letter:

Laura Harvey really deserves to be recognized for her outstanding work that serves students, parents, colleagues, and community members here in the Roseburg School District. She is the hardest working, most giving, positive thinker, and leader I know. Her accomplishments are many. Most recently, she organized a group of teachers that worked together each week for two years to work towards National Board Certification. Not only did she meet her personal goal to earn Board Certification, the group of teachers under her leadership accomplished that same goal as well.

Laura’s current position is the Talented and Gifted Coordinator for the entire district. She acts as a strong advocate for this underserved group of students. She recognizes their needs and goes above and beyond to serve them. She travels to all Roseburg Public K-12 schools weekly to advocate on behalf of TAG students, train teachers, and meet with individual students and parents. Students would describe her as someone that understands and recognizes how their brains work. She helps this special group of students and their families feel like someone is always on their side as they navigate the educational system. Most importantly, Laura teaches her Gifted students about social and emotional issues that often come with their specific needs. She teaches emotional self-regulation, patience, and perseverance. In addition, knowing TAG students struggle with perfectionism, she encourages them to broaden their interests and hobbies, recognize the need for continued self-improvement, and work at their maximum potential.

Laura is well educated and knows the latest research, best instructional strategies to use, and offers resources to support instruction. She is always willing to jump into any situation to support students and teachers in any way she can. Hardly a day goes by without a kind note or a treat left on someone’s desk. She is the first to volunteer for the most difficult assignments. Those who are privileged to work with her know that she is someone you can count on always. She is the most genuine, sincere, nicest person you will ever meet. The Roseburg School District is very fortunate to have such an accomplished teacher in their midst serving students and teachers in such a tireless and selfless manner. Best of all, I am happy she is on my team and I am even happier to call her my friend.

Marie Leary and Kari Taggart

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