Asking for Representation

What are reasons a member may ask for representation?

Plan of Assistance

Parent Complaint

Interview of employee

Non-renewal of contract

Corrective Action

Letter of Concern

Letter of Directive

Any item placed in personnel file that is negative and could lead to discipline

Anything else that can lead to discipline at a later date

Why have a union representative with me?

Another witness to process

Deescalate situation with employee or coworker

District and Association can work together to solve issues

It's the law

Who can be a representative?

A Building Rep

Association Executive Member

UniServe Consultant

Any person the member requests (depending on contract)

What if there isn't a representative present, or member representative request is denied?

Unfair Labor Practice

Discipline of educator will not be upheld (letter, reprimand, etc)

Member will be directed to listen, and not speak or respond

What can the representative do in the meeting?

to be informed about the subject matter of the meeting

to consult privately with the employee before the meeting

to speak and be proactive during the interview, as long as doing so does not interfere with, or disrupt, the meeting

to advise and counsel the employee

to provide additional information to the employer at the end of questioning

to bear witness to the proceedings, take notes, etc.