REA Officers

REA Officers


If your browser is properly configured, a click on a name below will launch your email client with the proper address already typed in for you. If not, send a note the individual at her/his school building.

President: Camron Pope (Eastwood Elem)

Secondary VP: Tracy Grauer (J.C. Fremont MS)

Elementary VP: Amanda Sandoval (Winchester Elem)

Secretary: Cindy Towers (Joseph Lane MS)

Treasurer: Sherryl Bailey (Fir Grove Elem)

OEA Uniserve Cosultant: Bob Sconce

Sick Leave Pool: Camron Pope (Eastwood Elem)

To contact Board Members click on this link.

Each school building has at least two Faculty Representatives. These people are your most direct link to the Association. They can:

• answer your questions

• be present during meetings with supervisors that may result in disciplinary action

• in general help you to solve problems at the lowest possible level of formality

You can locate their names on this link, or on the Roseburg Education Association bulletin board, which is usually in the Faculty Room. (If you find yourself in a situation that could possibly lead to an arrest, immediately contact your UniServ Representative at 541/580-3001.)